my sweet heart,SEIN;-)

given name;-))mokhsein,,quite unic right?
my bestfreind ever!just for some addition,,
we become freinds since we are standard two
and until now,,we still the same,,haha!
i still remembered you laa sein,,how come i can forgot
my lovely 'salted fish' is it?haahaa,,
the cute notebook one,,
is my 12 years old birthday present,,
i still keep it okay?!haha.he's giving me
such a wonderfull surprise,,!
i still remembered just said
that the thing just from
terengganu is it?but i like it!
you must be shocked is it?

thanxx yaaa.because being my pearll,,!best word to you;-)
i love you so much BESTfreind,,,
miss you laaa!frens forever!