my great happy new year;-))

i just wanna wish you:-))happy 2010,
HOPE it will be a great year,for you guyss,,!

AZAM tahun ini;-))
-study hard
-be more strong
-be a nice student
-fulfill prayers
-no need to find love
-be a good freind with others
-eliminate the lazynes
-be the great,not the best

la,la,la,la....i hope,i will>33.hehe~


  1. jwpn YANG ni ...
    yang rzq nk dgr dri dulu drpd sya..
    akhirnya termakbul doa rzq.syukur.

  2. bgs2..hope fulfill kn sumer erk??
    good luck..
    pray 4 u all d best..

    by sakinah +gSc+