A thousand rememberence,,

this dress is mine,,
i had this dress since
i was 3 years old,,
its given by aunty sheila,,
and untill now i still keep it,,
i love this dress
so damn much,,
miss too my late aunty sheila,,
whatever it is,,
i will never forget this stuff
and you are always
in my mind aunty,,


  1. yeah,,u yg tlg capture dress
    ny kt umh i time open house hari tuh kn?
    haha,,nice photography beyb!

  2. hahahaaaa..kn bgus kalu dress tu sya blh pkai lagi.... mesty mcm pari-pari d bumi khayalan.hahaha tpy cantek la dress tu..suke sgt..sbb adew corak..bunge2...aka suke bunge..
    suke sgt2..hahahaa apew la rzq merepek ni... :>