this is unfair to me!

im nop perfect.that is my point.
those who hurts me,,
then..its okay for 'mila eyka'.
but inside,its kinda big hurt.

no one know,,
how i get this bad feeling.
no one know,,
how i face it alone,
no one know,,
im sick here,,
no one know,
im dying!

and no one know,,
everyday i cry for this.
beyond my smile,,
hidden of a thousand ill.

i need my happiness back,
please dont take it from my life,
if i have ever hurting youu,,
im sorry and its better if youu
just leaving me,,!

deary BESTfreind,
i try to show the best for you,,
but i if i did wrong to youu guyss,,
im sorry.that's mean,
i cant be the best.

syazana;-)im sorry sygs.
you can only know my life,,
but u cant ever feel it.
youu can advice me,,yeah.i know that, useless is it?

everyone get me wrong,
please,,dont do that.
i still have my honour.
i stiil have my feeling.
you can say anything about me,
but please dont ever judge me!

please guyyysssssss!
im in a big stressed.
please dont hurt me anymore.
its stop until here.

i cant be strong!but i really.really.really
need my life back!

1 comment:

  1. dont worry...

    n lain2 kan adew.

    dont worry...

    u r not ALONE