birthday >33

happy birthday ABAH ! may god bless you .here's wishing you a lot of happiness and sweet surprise .shh ,i love you : )

from your naughty daughter ,kak ngah =)

j.o.g.g.i.n.g : )

hello ..hari yang sangat fun hari nie sbb dapat jogging dengan mama dekat saujana lake ,alahh .lake depan rumah je .huhu ,usually mama jogging pagi2 .so tak dapat nak join ,but today mama jogs petang,thats why mila boleh join sekali .yewlahh .pagi2 ? ngantuk lahh ! huhu .ouh .by the way sambil2 tunggu aunty lawra dengan anak nya ain bersiap ,mama dengan mila jogs lahh satu round dulu then ada sorang jiran nie ."aunty eyza ! nak join jogging boleh ?"then mama cakap "oh jomlahh ,cepat2" .then tawu budak tu ckp ape ?die ckp "takpewlah aunty,nak couple dgn anak aunty boleh" .OMG !budak tu dahlah darjah ENAM,dah pandai kan nak tackle kakak form 4 ,haha ! at first mila senyum lah jugak kat dia sbb tawu die tu *budak lagi ,kawan adik mila tu !then ,bila dengar die ckp mcm tu ,mmg tak pandang lagi dahh ! huhu .then mama ckp ,"amboi ..kecik2 dah pandai ye " .huhh .geram je mila dengan budak tu .mama gelak2 je ,lepas aunty lawra siap2 .then pergilah jogs dekat playground rumah fasa 2 ,mama dgn aunty lawra jumpa kawan,then ape lagi .ber chit-chat lah kat situ kan ,then mila teman maisara adik mila main first buat2 mcm teman lah kan ,then tgk kanan ,tgk kiri ..ada kids* je ,whoahh ..TERjoin sekali .tak sengaja.haha! buat muka tak malu je kan ,err .actually rindu zaman kids nihh .sbb kids takde masalah !tak mcm sekarang ,semua nak kene fikir .well ,pergi pukul 5 ,lepas habis jogs..balik dalam pukul 6.30 ptg ,then what ?TERtidur la ! haha .letih sangat kodd .TERpening kepala pulak kan ,yelahh sebab mila jarang jogs ,then tibe2 hari nie semangat kesukanan pulak ,mmg yelahh tak larat .haha !wee ,till here my post.i love today : )

vintage : )

why this ?haha .sebab mila just nak share kat blog sendiri yang semua stuff nie hobby baru mama ! err .mama dah obses dengan vantage nie .so ,yang jadi mangsa every week untuk lap semua nie ,siapa lagyy ?its me ! haha .well ,im happy doing that sbb semua nie cantik !my favourite stuff kan ,ade satu nie taw.kasut cinderella,but from vantage too laaa,superb lahh .cun habiss ,syg gila .nanti kalau ada time mila masukkan picture kat sini ,and one more stuff is bell .cun giler bunyi dia .comel sangat !haihh ,mila pun dah TERminat pulak kan ,huhu. habisslah ,now kat mana-mana mama busy nak cari new vantage and susun dekat rumah ,haishh .but its okay then ,semua stuff tu comel-comel laaa : ) hehe .okay freinds ,BYE : )

laugh or cry ?

ya,i prefer to laugh than cry : ) DO YOU ?? 

its YOUR birthday : )

credit to NUR AMIERA LATIFF .happy birthday sayang .hope its as awesome as you are ,and may all your birthday wishes come true .i take this chance to apologize you too because i can't celebrate your birthday .i got a few of reason and problem .but doesn't mean i forgot my promise to celebrate your birthday this year .do you still remember ?err.i hope i can celebrate your birthday next year.maybe in january 2011 ,or february ? sounds late and bad ,but seriously ,i have no free time for this thursday.sorry a lot my dear .but .i have something for you .just wait kayh .eventhough i can't join you all ,but at least ,i do plan something on your birthday ! just have fun on your birthday .remember this password .ONE.FOUR.THREE ,i guess you know ! from your sweet fateha ,mila : )

something ...

for the first 'he' ,may you happy with your new love .and im proud to hear that you would change yourself and leave the old of you ,err.i don't regret to know you but it was something that i took as a lesson for me ,so .GOODBYE FOREVER : ) second is for my ex bestfreind maybe ,i dont know .why i feel *something when i saw the girl with you .not jelousy ,not an anger ,not tears too .then what ? and that's the hardest thing to think .i read your bio and the word princess 's is gone .so ?how can i say ?erm .nothing ,but .i still dont know why i wrote this topic.just blame on my hand and my eyes .haha .i know its me who said goodbye but one day you will know,why i have to say that .miss you suddenly ,but im not sure for it .it was just my bad feeling .well ,i admit .there are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept ,things we don't want to know but have to learn ,and people we can't live without ,but have to LET GO : (

new sinetron laaa : )

sinetron baru ganti cinta kirana .tadi tengok view dekat astro ria .wahh .tak sabar nak tengokk .sebab ?ada baim wong lahh ! weee ~ mesti best cerita nie .sure sedih punya .hmm ,so .better stand by tissue banyak2 .hehe.lebih kurang macam movie love is cinta .haaa.yang penting .tolonglahh cepat habis sikit drama cinta kirana tu .tak best le .hm ,okayy2 .mila akan tunggu for this new sinetron .haha .start 21 dec ,okayy .till here .exited sangat .haha >33 

short wishes : )

my phone remind me ,beeps.beeps.its teacher's birthday ! then i took my phone and sent a wish ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely teacher,pn mahani othman .hee ! may god bless you and semoga dimurahkan rezeki okayy, then,she replied .*thank you ,you orang pertama la sayang .HAHA >33 .cikgu.cikgu ,im happy with you and its almost 2 years cikgu jadi favourite teacher mila .hehe .and you're too kind for me.tengs for everything you have done.hopefully this relationship never end till last forever .p/s: I LOVE YOU : )

memorable day : )

hello freinds ! derr .i miss this superb freinds,hee .putri's birthday party .placed at domino,puchong laa kan .haha :)boys and girls yang join ialah ahmad,ajoe,wong,ME,farhana,wanie,atikah and of course the birthday girl,PUTRI .huhh.sorry dear .before this busyy sangat .so tak sempat nak post di sini .but your still in my mind.wahh.special gyla princess nie kan ?haha >33 .okayy .mmg happening hari tu .and you lahh putri orang pertama yang berani kan baling tepung kat muka i .haha ,first time in my life ! whoahh.rasanya ?GERAM SANGAT.tapi nasib baik dia birthday ,bagi peluang jewlaa..but luckly dia tak snap gambar mila time tu .hee! kalau takk ,mmg tak lahh kan .ha ?haha ! okayy .this is some pictures ,enjoy it : )

putri ,farhana and ME !

wong jien and ME : )(muka penat jalan kaki) haha !

muka happy je kan ?HAHA : )
ha ?awak kata dia z.o.m.b.i.e ? yes .i think so.hee.jangan marah fana !

a day with my GIRLS : )

yesterday i went out home and dating with my girlfiess,putri nur azrieana and siti nor farhana at ioi mall,puchong .this is some pictures taken by us ,take a look : )
my super girls :
azrieana and atika : )
smiling : )
standing in the eyes of the powerbowl,puchong : )haha !
last score,me ?41 ! ouchh .not because i tak terror ,tapi i saje je bagi kalah .hehe>33

its something* for you !


you >33

holla ! err .mila2 ,kenapa dia?siapa dia?whoa.whoa .relax okay ,haha .actually .he is my freind when i was standard 1 .he is also my ex classmate laa .plus dia nie lahh naughty boy yang selalu gyla buat mila nangis dulu ! haha .malu je bila ingatkan balik .fyi,mila baru dapat contact dengan dia at fb for a few months ago.thats mean ,dah lama lost contact dengan dia laa but suddenly i got a freind request and it is hafiz yaya ! haha .mula2 mila tak kenal jugak ,but when i opened the mutual freinds ,and its my freinds from KL .so i do accept him and start a conversation .chatting lahh apa lagi .haha .but i can see a few of changes on himself laa,err ,yaa.but let it be my secret .wee: ) *dont scold me yaa hafiz.HAHA .more ,kami pernah di gossipkan bersama time darjah 1 dulu .huhh .pandai la korangg ,*terasa macam artis pulak* hehe .tapi tak serious pun ,setakat jadi usikkan kawan2 kan ,exspecially cik 'izzah syahirah' dan 'cik syira athira' .haishh .kalau korang baca nie .tak payah nak gossip pulak hehh .saje je wrote about him .memory lama .wahh .yewlaaa kan .cerita masa kecil lagi .mmg kenangan lah kan?huhu .okayy .(hafiz,i stole the picture from your wall.sorry dear ,hehe .hope this will be a surprise to you .not an anger .hee )its over here .hope to see you old freind .yeahh ,mila : )

missed *

i miss you more than words ! nothing much can say ,before this i feel so uneasy with your act ,but now,,i missed it ! i really miss the momment when we walked together ,talking ,texting ,and all the things : ) but i guess ,im not for you .sorry my dear ,i can't come back to you .my soul isnt with you .im happy with my life now,yaa.happy ! but i can't lie myself forever .you're still my bestfreind .just like i talked to you before .and i'm sorry if there's any conversation that might hurt you .btw,TENGS FREIND ,cause you ever makes my life perfect .one of my wishes is,i want you to be happy and achieve your target for anything you want .good luck and take care : )

pesta ria : )

hello : )kali nie mila nak story pasal pesta ria time minggu akhir kita sekolah tu .pesta nie diadakan di SK PUCHONG UTAMA (1) .then mila pun datang laa sbb adik mila school kat sini .pergi dgn mama,then bila sampai mama jumpa her freinds then chit chat lahh .apa lagi .then me?jumpa syazana !wahh .lepas rindu dgn bestfreind mila nie .then ,jumpa ajoe and puteri : )apa lagi bila dah jumpa geng ?jalan lahh satu sekolah tu kan ?apa yang kelakarnya ,kitorang tak tawu nak beli apa dengan kupon yang kitorang ada because there's nothing to buy ! haha.nak exchange sure2 tak boleh kan ?then kitorang beli jewlahh apa2 and finally kupon habis jugakk.then pergi lahh dekat open hall sekolah dorangg ,tengok angah dengan along RL buat lawak ,okay laa.have fun jugakk.then after 12 mila balik rumah and i had extremely tired ! yewlahh .mane tak nya,dah berjalan je keje .haha .okay2.this is some pictures of me and my freinds .take a look dear :
angah dan along raja lawak : )
azrieana and mila .suka sgt dapat air ! haha >33
mila and syazana .whoaa.time nie dah kepenatan sangat !

My Aidiladha : )

hello readers ! kinda so very long i ddnt update my blog post ,its not because i hate my blog ,HAHA.but i though im busy with my final examination before .and im done it ! so i came here to tell you about my aildiladha was really enjoying day a lot of openhouse invitation .mila pergi beraya dekat rumah aunty uncle mila and rumah cikgu mahani .cikgu,tengs for the 'nasi hujan ribut' yang cikgu served hari tu .hehe .delicious ! this is some pictures of me and my siblingg : )
alia.mila.anis : )
waiting for somebody : )
smile : ) )

the sweet of LITTLE MILA =)

hye.hye ! why i put off the title with 'little mila' is because i want to show you a few of my picture while i am still 'kanak-kanak ribena' >33.haha ,!saje-saje je .take a lookk beyb !

shhh,dont make noisyy please.i need my cuttie sleep !

im on the left side.chubbyy kann ?hee !.on the right is my anak buah.

yeww !nie mila laaa =)

uppss !

mila and my beloved dad =)

rasa macam tak percaya je masa nie semua dah berlalu and now i am sixteen,
dah besar dah punn.haa,how i misss this time !can i turn back to this sweet momment ?

open house =)

tadi after balik dari skulahh pergi raya rumah putri,makan chicken rice,anywayy tengs to her sebab layan mila tadi kann.ahhaax,sempat lagi lepas balik skulahh,dengan baju sekolah segala !huhu.after that balik rumah sampai dalam pukul 3,then aunty anna invite pergi open house i apa lagi..bersiap and sampai juga kat rumah aunty anna even had a bad rainy dayy =P

this cute girl named damia,aunty anna's little princess=)

best award co-curiculum 2010 =)

hello readers !today just want to share with you about my co-curiculum award for the year 2010 =)what unbelievable is me .ahaxxx,i got one of the award which is the best student for kelab unit bimbingan dan kaunseling.haa.but i still glad however.anywayy muke kat sini memang fail lahh,haha.last2 minite,so..korang faham jewlahh.tengss to the all involvement person.well,tadi semua penerima anugerah dapat certificate and are some pictures taken by wong jien.take a loookk =)

the crazy =S

mila and mirul =)

cheeseee !

the smiley is credit to raja firdaus =)

ehh,this not the end laa.nak ceritaa pasall tokoh ko-kurikulum hari nie.first2 dah agak sangat yang mirul mmg menang pun and after baca biografi "beliau",cikgu announce tokoh ko-kurikulum for the year 2010 goes to AMIRUL ROSLE AMIN ! so.. im proud of you bro .kalau mummy ada pun,im sure she will be proud of you too.ekhem !after dorangg spm nie ada orang nak belanja mila 3 set pizza hut ,haahh.i cant wait for the momment.faham2 jewlahh ye cik mirul .anywayy,for the last word,CONGRATULATIONS !

as little the three word =)

dear sixdinamic family !i got to miss you like crazy you know !every second,you were in my mind,your jokes play around my brain and your face be imagined through my glad i am if got to see you one day and if my hopes will come true and i wish to say this three words to you "i miss you ".to mokhsein,hazirah,ayu,atikah,najhan..tengs for following my blog.ouhyyaa.for the other star,izzah,syira,amar,adam,anie,asnidar,maizatul,shahir,shahmie..i want to meet you guyysssss !!i want to visit our primary castle SKB.and i would like to meet teacher roslan mokhtar guys accompany me kayy.auchhh !its forgotten ,!im sure he will be mad with this careless.hee.okay2.let say about my beloved chatter ever=)mr amir hishamuddin,tengs to accompany me while im bored,listen my storryy,and willing to text me all the sure izzah will get jelaousy to hear this because i ddnt text her like i did to amir usuallly.hehe,but dear matter what you always be in my heart forever and always.furthermore you got ekhem2 right,so at least im not to worry about you too muchh.he can take care of you isydd?haa.dahh.dont be mad kayy.,smile =)hm..haishhh.back to the storryy just now,i just want to tell you that dont get me wrong kayy.i just have a good freindship with him since we are primary and not a loving relationship hehh,haha.he is one of my bestfreind in this world.but unfortunately,i dont have his picture laa.but once i got his picture i will upload not make a promise but i will.anywayy guyss.i will be in KL once you invite me for your openhousieeee okayy ?i think my fingers tired enough buddiiieesss !

foto aidilfitri =)

here i am !mila=)
hm..after we came back from hometown,just have some snap at putrajaya,all for are some pictures taken.ouhh my raya !take a look beyb =)
no comment : )

err,tak cantik langsung .haha=)

she's my d.i.v.a siysta,shhhhh !

mila and maisara =)

both are my beloved !

the best candid during raya.hee>33

mama&abah;-)cover for family magazine,hee=)
abah sakit mata time raya nie.kesiannn ..

well,ini ala2 yb bagi duit raya !haha,my little brother and sara=)
location of fotoshoot=)putrajaya

malam rayaku =)

ramadhan datang dan ramadhan pergi,sedar tak sedar dah sebulan kita berpuasa kan ?rasa macam tak percaya.dah raya kita kan malam nie.terfikir balik amalan apa yang kita dah buat masa bulan ramadhan dulu,dan semoga semua amalan tu diterima Allah s.w.t..tadi tolong mama masak kat dapurr,our family buat rendang daging and chocolate cake ! tadi abah ada beli lemang,esok masak nasi minyak pulak,what so hafiz tu pun sibukk buat nasi minyak jugakk,haiyoo.boleh sama lahh pulak menu tu kann,haha.haaaa..tak mohh gosipp2..tak baikk !heee,so after tolong semua,apa tunggu lagi..main bunga api dengan maisara!hee,seronokk gilaa.after that?semangatt ahhh tengok baju raya kann..kasut pun dah letak siap2..shawl,baju kurungg,handbag and semua lahh !ouhhya,our family colour theme for this year is PINK,!one more thingg is handphone !always in cringggg,cringggg,(asal bunyi fon lama pulak nie)haha,haa.pape jelahh.wawww,actually terharu jugakk,ramai yangg bagi ucapan hari raya tadi..terima kasih sayangg untuk semua yangg wishh mila tadi taww,so..apa lagii ehh,oww !plan untuk hari raya pertama esok..firstly mestilahh mintak maaf kat family members dulu kann,exspecially mama and abah,takut ada yang tersinggung ke,apa baru orang lainn kann?huhu..okay then,raya ?ohhh,tidak2.we have to wait abah and adik pergi sembahyang raya dulu..then,makan bersama !lepas tu baru pergi rayaa..haa,duit raya ?orang yangg pertama mila akan mintak,of coss lahh dekat abah dengan mama.yang lain tuhh tak tahu laa bagi lagi ke takk,yewlahh tengok mila cam dah besar je kann,haha,sebenarnya takk,matured sikit je,tak banyak punn,so..siapa2 di luar sana,kalau mila datang beraya..boleh lagi bagi duit raya laa !(haha,sebenarnya takut tak dapat).tapi harapkan semua sedara mara jewlaa.haihhhh,tak sedar dah banyak yangg mila tulis kat sini,mama punn dah jerit suruh tidur tu,hee.semoga malam raya nie menjadi malam raya yang terindahh bagi mila =)okayy.selamat malam raya !byeeeeee !muahhhhhhhhhh,>33

SALAM LEBARAN dari mila =)

Di kesempatan ini,saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri kepada semua kaum muslimin yang berada di mana jua terutama keluarga,sanak saudara,guru-guru dan rakan taulan.jika ada salah dan silap harap dimaafi kerana saya hanya seorang gadis yang sering melakukan kesilapan,maafkan juga jika ada terkasar bahasa atau ada yang teguris hati sepanjang kita semua berkenalan,tetapi saya harap ikatan persahabatan yang terjalin selama ini akan berpanjangan hendaknya.kepada yang ingin pulang ke desa,hati-hatilah apabila berada di jalan raya..ingatlah orang tersayang.semeriah mana pun kita menyambut hari yang mulia ini,jangan lupa bahawa ada yang kekurangan,kirimkanlah doa untuk yang telah tiada di dunia ini,amin.sebagai penghias biacara akhir,sekali lagi saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari kepada semua pembaca post ini dan selamat menyambut hari lebaran yang mulia ini.


short notice = P

hye !waaaahhhh,mis u all ! lame gyla i tak update my blog.err,actually was so busyyy.i have a lot of story to share but maybe next time okayy.i have no time to open the labtop,click the broadband,search the blogger,myspace,skype and ym?lagyy laa! while this time,i just have to concentrate with my exam.but once i got free time,i will spend all the times to share all my stories !wait and see!!sampai jumpa lagii !muahhh !>33

losing =(

MUHAIMIN,dia dah pindahh.seorang yang sangat happeningg..sangat suka gelakk=)tapi sekarangg i dah tak dapat dengar lagi suara gelak dia,dia dah sekolah kat smk seksyen 24.tadi min kol,cerita pasal sekolah baru dia..but luckly,kawan2 baru dia semua baik2..baguslahkan.lagi sedihh si hafiz lahh,takdew geng nak kenakan mila lagi.min,we miss you !datanglahh sini lagi ehh.?plus,sekolah kita dah takdew hot singer laa.mcm mane dgn group nasyid kat sekolah nanti?haihh,kitorang nak dengar suara min je !taknak orang lain,!hm..i wish you take care and good luck yaa!

short holiday =)

heyyp.last weekend my family and i went to perak and this is some pictures from our short holidayy.haihh,i pergi sana dengan my beloved aunty.uncle and cousin !seronok spent time dekat of the places yg i pergi kat sini la.pasir salak.evrything was amazing.its all about historyy and about dato'maharajalela and British somethingg laa.try la pergi..sangat seronok !

info board=)

mila dengan causie kecikk ,HAHA !

last potret at the end of the journey=)

my belated birthday =)

hye.hye,lame gyla i tak update blog kann?well,doing some work and freakingg busyy,about my birhtday.opss!belated birthday,huhu.was on 27 june 1994.anywayy.thank you for anyone who wish and remember my birthday.i love you lahh.muahh.,big thank you also to my mama for the dress.not forgotten to my other family,teachers,ouh for pn mahani=)tq for the sweet pink handwacth,hee=)tq jugak dekat my teachers yang wishh,puan habsiah and cikgu freinds,farhana,syazana,hafiz,atikah,amiera,putri,hazim,izzah,ziera and the others yang sanggup jaga sampai pukul 12 semata-mata nak wish birthday i.sayang korangg macam sayangg malaysia laa !huhu.i was just celeberated with my family at ASIAN TASTE,ttdi jaya.makan-makan .semua menu ayam !wahhh.just till here,hope to see soon !

hureeeyy !

yes,its friday !and today my sis wil come back from hostel,not just come back,but move on !haha.,so kejap lagyy..nak pergi sane and tlg kemas barang sis dapat offer study dekat MAHSA university,she studying in nursing,she decided to stop her study at poly-tech mara and continue to mahsa,damansara.she told me that accountancy was teribble!then,nursing is better..and i dont believe that my ss will be a nurse,haha..rasa baru semalam jadi budak-budak .sekarang nie ha,dah nak sambung belajar..huhu.lagi dua tahun i pulak,hm..insya,my ss dapat cuti satu bulan lahh..lepak habis dekat rumahh.haiyoo,best gyle kodd.26 julai baru daftar diri kat U baru the way..good luck jugak.and welcome back to HOME=)

GOODbye = (

,you always be the great systa !

today was a sad story = (..hmm..two weeks ago my ss dapat tawaran sambung belajar dekat poly-tech mara.i was ha?janganlahh pergi...because im afraid of losing her.yeahh,i know, lah kawan bergaduh i,gossiping,gelak2,but tomorow..dia dah kene pergi belajar=(,sedih sebab kak long kene pergi dari family,even dia dapat kat Bangi je.Tapi,tak kebiasaan lahh..jauh dari dia..hmm.,happy sebab kak long dapat kejar cita-cita dia kat sane..hmm,last week dah pergi beli know what ?all in pink :>>.haha,kelakar lahh.i yang gyla2 time tuh =P.tomorow kak long dah kene lapor diri,luckly she dapat same course,same place dgn bestfreind dia,kak least,mama tak risau sangat pasal kawan ;D..yang i nihh ?tak sempat nak bagi apa kat ss,cuma i bagi cardigan kesayangan i colour purple dekat dia.bila dia rindu i,kalaulah kan kak ?haha..just wear the cardigan lahh heh..and you will feel,i always be with you whenever you are=)what i am going to say is ,i do love you so much,hugg and kiss for you,i guess,this is good bye and GOOD LUCK> kak long ;D

what is love ?

Mistaken Love

We've been friends for years,

You were my secret crush,
I thought you were the perfect guy for me,
But I was wrong!

I thought I knew you all those years,

Thought you were someone totally different,
In my eyes you were totally flawless,
Now I know you were just a figure of my imagination.

Was scared to believe what people told me,

Scared to lose a good friend and someone I grew to love,
didn't want to face reality,
You just lead me to believe you were someone you weren't

Once I left I began to see you for who you really were,

Someone that deep inside I didn't love as much as I thought,
A guy that was not as cool, fun, or appealing that I believed,
You were deceitful, heartless, and didn't care about anyone but yourself,

It was hard to believe that you weren't the man of my dreams,

The man I hoped to be with someday,
Or the man I thought I loved,

Although I knew I had to wake up from the dream I was in,

Wake up and see the real man you were,
I was sad for so long but I jus had to realize how better off in life I would be without you.

Now I've learned what isn't
love !