omg darlinggg;-))
i miss you a lot,,!!!
shera,,i nak jmpe you,i nk hugg you!!!
you,,i love you okayy?
dunt be ever worry about that,
i will be always remember you
and im begging you,,
please dont break our freindship,
kita dh kawan since kindergarten lagyy kn?
ouhh godd,i sgt hargai persahabatan kite
skrg nie,,!i hrp smpai kita dh keje nnti pun,
kite still kawan kayy?
you..jga izzah kat sne,jgn always egt boyfie je,
haha,,!!and dearr,,!
just have a note,we are always SUPERGIRLS,!
P/S:HEHE,,jgn lpe kwn kite lg sorang tuh pulak,izahh laa!

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