is it call broken freindship??

i love youu mira!but y u just like awayy from me?
i know we are in different class this year,,but for me,,
it does not mean,our freindship is over!!dearr mira,,
i need you back,,i miss the old youu..i want evrything about
us will be okayy like usuall,,!please dearryyy;-((im in big dilema
you knoww?i cant leave you and i know,you does not mean so,
but i feel it darlingg,,!common dearr,,im beggingg youuuuu,,,!
please dont break this freindship,let THE MEMORY stay in our mind,,
dont break our freindship,,whatever i did mistake,please forgive me,
im nop perfectt,,but u can trust me that,,i love you so damn muchh dearr,
and you are my GREAT BUDDY EVER!!!!!