to amiera and syazana,,

to amiera;-))

yeah,i got the oldd mira,!tengs dear,for drop some sweet to me.and i hope..we will be freinds  like know how much i love you dear?its much.much.much BIGGER than everything.haha,you..i miss to call you reen.i happy sgtt dpt ckp dgn you.,,!sgt,sgt,sgt HAPPY,>33.ouhyaa.reen dan fateha takkan berpisah okayy?i BELIEVE that for sure.i hope you will succes to the future and dont looking at back.just go on what you are doing and take a note.'MILA akan syg MIRA smpai bila-bila...........................

to syazana;-))

dearr,,jgn sedih taw kat sne,,skulah la dulu.cuba suaikan diri dulu.tapi nanti pindah skulah kita balik taw.i miss you so muchh.i got many things for story with you.i cant wait the precious moment soon.haha.i nk jmpe you are my bestfreind,and you will always in mind even we are far from each other.i love you too.mwahhhhh>33

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