i do no..

maybe this is new to me ?hye syazana!
but,if you said goodbye to me,who will i found is ?
yeahh.im freaking alone.so,what should you do ?
just leave me alone over here,!
i miss you SYAZANA.just come back to me;-((
i miss everythingg about youu.i have been
waitingg you such for a longg time,since you were fifteen.
okayy,fine.i admit,i feel so sad when
you talk to me last,last dayy that you will stay to your
old school for this yearr,i am really
dissapointed to hear that actually.but i realize,
there's nothingg can change if i just blame on you.
im so sorry.i did not mean so,but im hurt,!
i need you backk,but i know..you are hapy there,
with your new freinds,school,teachers,and all that thinggs.
fine dearr,i try to accept this fact.even,it is so
hardd to me,anythinngg for you.
i will..good luck,i hope you always being happy there.!