today,today and today..
haha.quite a happening dayy.because of englishh subject and maybe sivic also ?haha.onlyy 4sc3 know that! i feel happy and goingg to smile todayy because i have done my oral test first,i wanna do it as my oral test,but then my teacher advice to redo the thing.huhh.quite nervouss when the clasmates shall my name in front of teacherr,!saei,lavender,mahen,and me.the brave students for todayy,hehe.unfairr to aiman and amirul.skip the class with the unrelevant reason,!err.all classmates unsatiesfied with them,,;-((.i feel so mad when farhana and atikah won't do that todayy.aarrghh.anywayy.i should be prepared for my next oral and im gonna beat the rest.haha.expecially amir asnawi and aiman kowt ?hee.they said me special today,.!kinda bad joke for todayy.i just like sick people in front,talking about readingg habit,haha.actually i have'nt be prepared yet.that's why i feel so scared,but at the end of session,i wanna talk in front againn,,!!!>33.well.feel sad of the classmates too.they just absent todayy because of englishh subject,haahaa.anoyyingg.teacher just can laughingg.but,what i proud is,teacher takes my oral as a model 1 and other freinds were givingg full supported.i dont know where's my braveness come,la,la.i thinkk until here todayy,maybe i can share any interesting event next time.?yeahh for sure.tengs for read.


  1. 1 more thing ^^
    i support u sya ape yg u buat=)

    -ikhlas dari hati-