puzzled ;D

YAA,it takes a long time to soak up the sunshine of my life,because there are so many hunch in my life.it is not easy to be me.sometimes i feel too bad for life,but beyond the cry..i found the light of gladness.its hard to judge life,i always say that life is unfair !but absolutely wrong !it is our predestination;-)).yes,even life is full of drama !actually,this hook to my storyy laa,today she encounter me and she apologize me.i dont even mind,and i forgive her.but it attach time to released the enigma of mine.huhh.life is so unic,and there is a lot of way that we have to choose.wether despondency or mirth,but im sure.we want the happiness of life.but what we need actually,is what we find during life;-))

librarians inauguation;-))

on 19 april 2010,we attend for an inauguation to all new librarians and the seniour librarians. well,it stroll nicely and too happening>33.we proud of it.although our council might be so simple,but we gain a lot of experiences.and im happy to be a librarian.by the way,our moto is 'PPS Q,SEKOLAH TERBILANG' ..and we will indication to all puchong utamaian that we have the real of quality;-))this is some snap by HAFIZ.have a look !

while the inauguation but why everybody moody?
~snacth away for a snap!,haha~

PPS syarmila atika>33

PPS nadia,mira&mila>33

be in order for dishes;-))



see you daaa ~

my desire dress ;-))

i upload this stuff is to share with you about my desire dress,oh my godd.i feel like lalala,unconscious !haha.anywayy,this is my fondness since i was youngg.i hope i will assuming this dress one dayy while i converge with my prince !daaa ~*sangat terperasan*>33.actually i wish pink colour dress,but i cant find it ,never mind . .this is also much better.i will become crazy everytime i see this stuff ,derrr ~okay lahhh.i nak terus bermimpi jadi CINDERELLA even im not;-(( . mila's notion>33

mila's trouble,,HAHA>33

why this ?haha.i admittedly worry about this subject for my upcomingg exam.waa~it is so difficult,but it does not mean hard to score,rite ?hmm,i just can scream and blame myself if i got to fail for this mid year examm.ahhhh.so,i have to do more exercise,*macamlah rajin sgt*haha.i headstrong to pass this subject soon.btw,todayy puan puteh teach us about simultaneous equations=).at first,tak faham jugak lahh.then,ahmad jadi mangsa . .bila ahmad dah ajar,lagi lahh tak faham !haha>33.after that,teacher come to me and instruct me.derrr ~finally i credo! thank you cikgu and ahmad,best gyla buat latihan tuhh .tapi tak siap lagyy pun,hee~.so,i have to finish my homework by todayy.see youu daaaa ~

sidelong look ?

you said that i give you a sidelong look ? it is fake !how come you said like that?pandang you pun i tak,nie kan nak jeling you ?by the way,sorry kalau you terasa time i pergi kelas you hari tu ,haha,kelakarlahh.macam mana you boleh rasa macam tu ea?takpewlahh.i dont mind.tapi i nak bagi tahu you something.*dont judge me if you dont know the real of me* i dont even care,if you want to hate me if they did not freind like before,fyi . .i tak nak involve dengan masalah cinta korang tu okayy ?bila masalah nie nak settle,I DONT KNOW.sometimes,i fedupp dengan kamu,kamu dan kamu !whatever it is, im sorry if i might hurt you here,i did not mean so,and i want you to know that i have my own dignity.you can judge me,but only after you get myself >33.THANK YOU ;-))

beloved listener ;-))

malam tadi,i storyy problem dekat one of my freind=syimir,thank you for listening,rasa released sangat-sangat.selepas cerita semuanya,syimir bagi text niey ;-))
seorang teman,bila berjauhan . .dia akan menangis kerana rindu,
bila dekat,dia akan menangis kerana takut untuk berpisah,
jika hari ini dia datang,jangan biar dia berlalu pergi,
jika esok dia pergi,jangan harap dia kembali lagi ,
sesungguhnya,yang indah itu pertemuan,
yang manis itu kemesraan,yang pahit itu perpisahan.
dan yang tinggal itu hanyalah kenangan;-))

credit to you ;-)thank you sebab bagi support semalam ,haha.
nie je kodd nak cakap ,thank you yaa !

the BEAUTY SIS_RE ;-))

on 16 april 2010,we did a competition which given "I GLAM YOU"
name of team ;-)BEAUTY SIS_RE .
and my team is belong to
;-)raja nurul huda,

;-)eli nurzawani,
;-)siti norfarhanna,
;-)izzati ,
;-)syarmila atika.

and this is our photographer ;-)HAFIZ.

hafiz,i tell you;-)you are talented and keep it up,
thank you for your each snap !

the BEAUTY SIS_RE model ;-)

(by hafiz)
why we choose this theme of 'GADIS MELAYU' is because
we want to expose to you all about our malay culture
that nowadays,heve been forgotten.we choose kebaya
because it shows the fominity naturality of a wemen.
and this kebaya suit is also known among the wemen out there.
this fashion style are not only able at aid celebration but also
able for any other function.we use shawl also to show you
the beauty of 'gadis melayu'.(mencuba imej bertudung).although we
might be so simple,
we join this just want to gain some experience and to
a few of memorable part in our life .THANK YOU ;-))

DAA ~ the models of the fashion show.
*they are so GLAM ! and just feel like im so small
there ;-)our team sure kalah !haha ;-)
what so scandalize !

&i just like nak tarik diri time tu,haha.but my team cakap,teruskan aje .kita dah bayar ,but honestly,mmg malu gyle,on that day,mmg macam gadis melayu lahh.ala-ala ayu sikit,bukan mila cakap,dorang yang cakap !haha,but then,hafiz cakap;-)menang atau kalah itu adat pertandingan*.thats why i teruskan saje semua itu ,pose sane,pose sini,waaa ~syok la jugakk .balik2,mama tanya,macam mane show ?i was just like,huh ?mama !malulah .then mama tanya,siapa yang make up,i said . .my team and my mom said;-)nice and nampak soft .derrr ~nampak je ke mama ?bukan betul-betul ?haha,by the way,thank you to mama jugak,sebab bagi support malam tu ,i appriciated it and i love you ! wahh ,and thank you to all my beloved ,for your sweet support !
~mila's story is over~

i lost myself !

why everyone busy blame on me ?just because of him !
what i've done ?yes man ,! i might be so selfish here .
you are too perfect .i think,this is the time .you can find
a new one .you are one of my trusted freind .then why you
broke it ?based on the topic .trust ;-p.should i give a trust for you ?
yes,you are one of my beloved too.but you have done such a
worse thing !they blame on me just like i am useless .
is that your point ?go on ! even my BESTFREIND just like accused
me and they dont understand me right now !aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
this is too fake !sometimes,i just feel like to move on from that
school because it is too many problems there .but ,im tired to run .
this is never end !i lost myself .i cried for the second time.
oh my god ! help me .i can't face this alone .dilema is my bestfreind now.
i need the old syarmila atika .give me a time .then i'll forgive you .
*no need to tell the whole world about 'that' thing*
it is so embarrassing !THANK YOU ;-)

berlari ?

berlari ?mampukah aku berlari mengejar jawapan yang kian tak pasti ?
aku ini seorang gadis biasa yang tidak kuat untuk berlari .namun,
kemana aku harus pergi dari semua ini ?mampukah aku berlari dengan
meninggalkan semua jawapan yang masih tak ku temui ?aku seolah tidak
mempunyai perasaan,inikah aku ?atau minda yang sekarang menguasai aku ?
walau semua berpaling padaku,semua menyalahkanku ,tapi . .satu yang kalian
tak mengerti .kamu bukan diriku ! yang sesuka hati menilai diriku,aku tidak
seteruk itu .dan kamu tidak tahu apa yang aku rasa selama ini .jika selama
ini,aku menjaga perasaanmu,kali ini..aku tidak mampu melakukan itu.
siapa pula yang ingin menjaga hatiku ?kamu ?dia ?tiada siapa ! lagi bertambah
kesedihan apabila teman baikku tidak memahamiku di saat ini.memaksa
tanpa memeriksa.menasihati tanpa merasai.kamu lain,kita berbeza.maafkan
aku kerana aku bukan aku.tiada sedikit perasaan cemburu untuk ku rasakan.
tapi mengapa sungguh bijak kalian memberikan jawapan yang aku sendiri tidak
pernah mengerti !susah untuk menjadi diri ini,bukan untuk memalsukan diri,
tetapi aku tidak tegar lagi menghadapi ini.pergilah dikau.jauh dariku .mungkin
kamu akan bahagia,tinggalkan aku .lepaskan aku.aku perlu rebut kembali
hidupku yang dahulu .dan kini aku bahagia .terima kasih kerana selama ini
menjaga dan merawat kedukaanku .aku sedih meninggalkan ini semua dengan
cara begini,tetapi aku tidak berhak untuk melawan takdir .dengan seikhlas hatiku.aku doakan kau gembira selalu dan semoga segala impianmu akan tercapai .

*adaptasi dari coretan duka seorang gadis *


DATE=9,10,11 APRIL 2010.
DORM D '(haha).

last day i pegy camp kepimpinan di ulu langat selangor, camp yang sangat teruk pada mulanya,kenangan yang tak dapat dilupakan !menangis sebab tak sama dorm dengan amiera dan afiqah.hahaha.but then,i jadi berdikari.pindah di dorm D pada pukul 12.00 malam,ia sangat menyakitkan !rasa nak lari balik dari situ.
but then,hari kedua . .compact dengan aktiviti air ,i really enjoy for the second day.and rasa tak nak balik .(la konon).haha ..but honestly .mmg dapat banyak pengalaman,and how to be a great secretary for the club.i wish that i could go there for the next year .hee ;-) fyi,i mmg dah pernah pegy tempat tu.tapi sekarangg dah banyak perubahan.KESIMPULANNYA,ecehh,hee.i dapat spend time dengan syg mira dan syg pika di sana .sangat enjoy lahh.ouhya ! not forgotten to this seniour;-)) kak ziema,kak nuri,kak eyza ,kak ain and kak zue.sebab sangat baik bila i menetap di dorm D itu.a huge thank you for you guyss kay ?hm . .i think its untill here,kalau ada gambar lain,i will upload for you guyss kayy .daaa ~

should i ?

tadyy.i dapat text from amir hisham.he credit this thingg to me,he said that;-))

when someone you love die,
u will never see him/her,
never hear his/her voice,
cannot share your happyness with him/her,
cannot laugh with him/her again,
cannot be with him/her again,
and it is so painfull.
then you think when the last time you meet him/her ?
is they happy with you ?
or they hate you ?
think about that.

i show this post is to remind you that appreciate those who
they are;-)). have a nice day with your beloved .spend time with him/her
because maybe that the last time you see him/her.

but in my case,should i feel the painfull ?
i just tired to cry,scream,and sick !
i think thats the end of my story for today ;-((

sweet 7teen;-)

the sweet seventeen is credit to this guy !
haahaa,you look so different here,and
a little bit wierd with this pose.hahahaha;-))
well.this is somethingg that i promise to do at 15 april.
you belum lagyy.haha.i wishh you all the best.
and hope you can get straight A in your spm;-))
Scrapbooking at WiddlyTinks.com

its APRIL !

heyy.heyy.here,APRIL ! ! !omg..a lot of thingg that i have to do .first,much.much and ,much homework.second,oral.third,minggu pusat sumber and pelantikan,some more:PRS.err.this fridayy kene pegyy camp lagyy ;-((. rasa malass lahh nak pegyy camp.tapi takkan taknak pegyy kodd?ahhhh.confused.and i will miss you syazana.dah tak dapat pegyy camp dengan you lagyy.lucklyy amiera pun ada jawatan,afiqah also . .and i pegyy untuk jawatan setiausaha yg i carry.untukk quater master,i will laa ;-))hmm.i thinkk this month is my bussy month.well.nak buat macam mane.terima jewlahh !haha.lagy.lagy may nie exam semester 1 ;-)).wahhh.entahh sempat ke takk studyy.nak menangiss rasanya !!give me some breath ! !huhh.