the BEAUTY SIS_RE ;-))

on 16 april 2010,we did a competition which given "I GLAM YOU"
name of team ;-)BEAUTY SIS_RE .
and my team is belong to
;-)raja nurul huda,

;-)eli nurzawani,
;-)siti norfarhanna,
;-)izzati ,
;-)syarmila atika.

and this is our photographer ;-)HAFIZ.

hafiz,i tell you;-)you are talented and keep it up,
thank you for your each snap !

the BEAUTY SIS_RE model ;-)

(by hafiz)
why we choose this theme of 'GADIS MELAYU' is because
we want to expose to you all about our malay culture
that nowadays,heve been forgotten.we choose kebaya
because it shows the fominity naturality of a wemen.
and this kebaya suit is also known among the wemen out there.
this fashion style are not only able at aid celebration but also
able for any other function.we use shawl also to show you
the beauty of 'gadis melayu'.(mencuba imej bertudung).although we
might be so simple,
we join this just want to gain some experience and to
a few of memorable part in our life .THANK YOU ;-))

DAA ~ the models of the fashion show.
*they are so GLAM ! and just feel like im so small
there ;-)our team sure kalah !haha ;-)
what so scandalize !

&i just like nak tarik diri time tu,haha.but my team cakap,teruskan aje .kita dah bayar ,but honestly,mmg malu gyle,on that day,mmg macam gadis melayu lahh.ala-ala ayu sikit,bukan mila cakap,dorang yang cakap !haha,but then,hafiz cakap;-)menang atau kalah itu adat pertandingan*.thats why i teruskan saje semua itu ,pose sane,pose sini,waaa ~syok la jugakk .balik2,mama tanya,macam mane show ?i was just like,huh ?mama !malulah .then mama tanya,siapa yang make up,i said . .my team and my mom said;-)nice and nampak soft .derrr ~nampak je ke mama ?bukan betul-betul ?haha,by the way,thank you to mama jugak,sebab bagi support malam tu ,i appriciated it and i love you ! wahh ,and thank you to all my beloved ,for your sweet support !
~mila's story is over~


  1. dush3.dah-dah la tu ,
    aku tawulahh dulu aku suka
    makan maggie,hehe ;-)
    malulahh ,mane ada lawa,
    jelita je.hahaha.
    tengs mokhsein,syg kaw !