i lost myself !

why everyone busy blame on me ?just because of him !
what i've done ?yes man ,! i might be so selfish here .
you are too perfect .i think,this is the time .you can find
a new one .you are one of my trusted freind .then why you
broke it ?based on the topic .trust ;-p.should i give a trust for you ?
yes,you are one of my beloved too.but you have done such a
worse thing !they blame on me just like i am useless .
is that your point ?go on ! even my BESTFREIND just like accused
me and they dont understand me right now !aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
this is too fake !sometimes,i just feel like to move on from that
school because it is too many problems there .but ,im tired to run .
this is never end !i lost myself .i cried for the second time.
oh my god ! help me .i can't face this alone .dilema is my bestfreind now.
i need the old syarmila atika .give me a time .then i'll forgive you .
*no need to tell the whole world about 'that' thing*
it is so embarrassing !THANK YOU ;-)


  1. i try to understand youu but i don't noe how to show it..
    myb rzq yg sala kodd..
    aku yg ta phm kaw..
    i'm sorry..
    once again i'm sorry !

  2. amiera ;-)yes.tq.i'll try to be me ,
    sayazana;-)never mind.i know that you get me .
    im sorry too dear .