mila's trouble,,HAHA>33

why this ?haha.i admittedly worry about this subject for my upcomingg exam.waa~it is so difficult,but it does not mean hard to score,rite ?hmm,i just can scream and blame myself if i got to fail for this mid year,i have to do more exercise,*macamlah rajin sgt*haha.i headstrong to pass this subject soon.btw,todayy puan puteh teach us about simultaneous equations=).at first,tak faham jugak lahh.then,ahmad jadi mangsa . .bila ahmad dah ajar,lagi lahh tak faham !haha>33.after that,teacher come to me and instruct me.derrr ~finally i credo! thank you cikgu and ahmad,best gyla buat latihan tuhh .tapi tak siap lagyy pun,,i have to finish my homework by todayy.see youu daaaa ~


  1. simultaneous equations dah lme i blaja.
    mule2 mang fening,,
    tp dah byk buad latihan .oke laaa
    and now, i baru nak blaja function ouhh