should i ?

tadyy.i dapat text from amir hisham.he credit this thingg to me,he said that;-))

when someone you love die,
u will never see him/her,
never hear his/her voice,
cannot share your happyness with him/her,
cannot laugh with him/her again,
cannot be with him/her again,
and it is so painfull.
then you think when the last time you meet him/her ?
is they happy with you ?
or they hate you ?
think about that.

i show this post is to remind you that appreciate those who
they are;-)). have a nice day with your beloved .spend time with him/her
because maybe that the last time you see him/her.

but in my case,should i feel the painfull ?
i just tired to cry,scream,and sick !
i think thats the end of my story for today ;-((

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