puzzled ;D

YAA,it takes a long time to soak up the sunshine of my life,because there are so many hunch in my life.it is not easy to be me.sometimes i feel too bad for life,but beyond the cry..i found the light of gladness.its hard to judge life,i always say that life is unfair !but absolutely wrong !it is our predestination;-)).yes,even life is full of drama !actually,this hook to my storyy laa,today she encounter me and she apologize me.i dont even mind,and i forgive her.but it attach time to released the enigma of mine.huhh.life is so unic,and there is a lot of way that we have to choose.wether despondency or mirth,but im sure.we want the happiness of life.but what we need actually,is what we find during life;-))

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