sidelong look ?

you said that i give you a sidelong look ? it is fake !how come you said like that?pandang you pun i tak,nie kan nak jeling you ?by the way,sorry kalau you terasa time i pergi kelas you hari tu ,haha,kelakarlahh.macam mana you boleh rasa macam tu ea?takpewlahh.i dont mind.tapi i nak bagi tahu you something.*dont judge me if you dont know the real of me* i dont even care,if you want to hate me if they did not freind like before,fyi . .i tak nak involve dengan masalah cinta korang tu okayy ?bila masalah nie nak settle,I DONT KNOW.sometimes,i fedupp dengan kamu,kamu dan kamu !whatever it is, im sorry if i might hurt you here,i did not mean so,and i want you to know that i have my own can judge me,but only after you get myself >33.THANK YOU ;-))

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