chocolate guy ;-))

daaa ~beryl's assortiment.,my favourite actually.but why thiss yaa ?i gave this to someone,haha,im sure dia tahu siapa dia..AIMAN yang bagi nama;-))he said 'that' guy is chocolate guy, sweet..and i would like to call you chocolate guy after thiss .haha,,plus,aiman said;-))that guy will be so lucky ?deaarrr ~luckyy ke ?luckyy la sangatt kan ?haha,you must be jokingg isydd= )and..for the chocolate guy,~i wishh you good luck by means of what you are doing now..i always give a full support to you,and you should know proud of it !keep it up;-))daa ~


  1. wowww , romantik gitu !
    mila , follow me ,

  2. haishhh.haha,that guy will be huhh ?romantic?ble bc your comment diba,!huhu.ouh sure.

  3. tak fhm ap pika ?
    i mean 'that' guy credit to someone.
    not aiman lahh,aiman yg bg nama 'that' guy tu..choc guyy.fhm ?