the new of me ;-))

todayy's snap.

hye semua !guess what,todayy is quite a special day for me,because i dah pakai tudungg;-))haha,so sweet todayy.i found myslelf,alhamdulillah,and thanks to god sbb dah open my heart untuk menunaikan satu suruhan ini.actually,first i realise from a camp,given name-camp TOK WAN,haha.amiera,hafiz and ckgu mahani know that.their the first know about this.goodbye the old syarmila atika,and todayy im the new of muslimah.i will also try to change my disposition and everythingg;-))yaa.maybe during this,i did much mistakes.but now i will motion outwards that.beside..i love to obtain a deep understanding of ISLAM.maybe i can refer to my religion,my freinds will be huhh?mila pakai tudungg sekarangg?yeahh.korang2.i've change myself.ouhyaa.i tell this to you does not mean to proud,BUT to expose you all about my experience for todayy;-))lastly,*jadilah seorang gadis yang berada di dalam bekas kaca yang sukar disentuh*(ost syurga cinta).

1 MAY 2010,i will never forget this date.THANK YOU;-))


  1. eyza;-))ouhh,thank you systa.
    atikah;-))amin ~

    thank you okayy,love you all ;-))

  2. wahhh , si gadis jelita dh bertudung .
    yeahh mila eyka mmg cantik bertudung :)

  3. drpd tahun lpas lagyy niat kaw na pkey tudungg dis year baru na laksanakan ..
    btw,tengss god!!

  4. adiba;-))thank you too laa,
    syazana;-))haha,dah sampai hukum !hehe.alhmdulillah.,yup.thank to god.
    and thank to all freind that give a full support for that,tq.

  5. wow, alhamdulillah.....
    selamat datang ke dunia baru....
    kite dapat kekalkan imej yg terbaik....

  6. waww.dunia baru ?huhu.
    thank you sayang !