A+ or G+ ??

Ha,!which one could me hold?this sign makes me afraid..,success or failure for this mid year exam?ahh.such a fearful question.opss,exam will be start on monday and untill two weeks!oh my god,!i struggle it .no time for wacthing,chit chat,shopping,and my beloved novels !i hate this week ?!err.by the way,it still nice..i really dread for chemist,physics,bio and addmath!ahh.i dont know what will happen soon.dahlahh 3 paper semuanya!mmg suffering gyla kat dalam kelass.haha>33,anywayy.i wanna take this chance to wish all my beloved freinds exspecially to NUR AMIERA,FAQEH,HAFIZ,SYIMIR,PUTRI,and PIKA.not forgotten to SYAZANA.dear,be the best,and beat the rest!hop you will get flying marks in this exam.for honestly..study hard,leave your internet and stick to the one=BOOK !HAHA>33 i love you guyss anywayy,GOOD LUCK DEAR FREINDS;-))


  1. owh, thanks dear!!!
    kite buat yg terbaik!!!
    demi masa depan yg cerah!!

  2. exam mid year susah gyle. takde mkne nak dpt flyingg marks,