Lepaking ;-))

hello=) last wednesday..kitorang outingg dekat ioi mall,ala..just have fun after exam,we just play bowling,looking around the mall,and the best thingg ,lunch at pizza hut=) it cost about 80 bucks kan ?gyla2 punya makan,haha!then,we went to mini toon..cik ahmad beli ape ntah,then..we all jalan2 jew=)ouhyaa!the best thingggg,and unbelievable.i met syazana !!yeahh.,the missing star of mine.but i get the star back for the last wednesday..love you sweetheart !!ble leh kuar lagyy ?huhu=)lepaking,outing,enjoying,and do crazy thing at the mall,lalalala..talking and talking and..ha,its 4.30 pm ! we went out the mall,and waited for the bus..what happen in the buss ?haha.its suffer time that we have to stand along the way..and its tired!!but..i was happy gyle dengan dorangg =)).after that,went to huda's house..and my father took me=))i swear,i will really miss the momment.fun gylaa=)here are some snap by us !