what is love ?

Mistaken Love

We've been friends for years,

You were my secret crush,
I thought you were the perfect guy for me,
But I was wrong!

I thought I knew you all those years,

Thought you were someone totally different,
In my eyes you were totally flawless,
Now I know you were just a figure of my imagination.

Was scared to believe what people told me,

Scared to lose a good friend and someone I grew to love,
didn't want to face reality,
You just lead me to believe you were someone you weren't

Once I left I began to see you for who you really were,

Someone that deep inside I didn't love as much as I thought,
A guy that was not as cool, fun, or appealing that I believed,
You were deceitful, heartless, and didn't care about anyone but yourself,

It was hard to believe that you weren't the man of my dreams,

The man I hoped to be with someday,
Or the man I thought I loved,

Although I knew I had to wake up from the dream I was in,

Wake up and see the real man you were,
I was sad for so long but I jus had to realize how better off in life I would be without you.

Now I've learned what isn't
love !