my belated birthday =)

hye.hye,lame gyla i tak update blog kann?well,doing some work and freakingg busyy,about my birhtday.opss!belated birthday,huhu.was on 27 june 1994.anywayy.thank you for anyone who wish and remember my birthday.i love you lahh.muahh.,big thank you also to my mama for the dress.not forgotten to my other family,teachers,ouh for pn mahani=)tq for the sweet pink handwacth,hee=)tq jugak dekat my teachers yang wishh,puan habsiah and cikgu freinds,farhana,syazana,hafiz,atikah,amiera,putri,hazim,izzah,ziera and the others yang sanggup jaga sampai pukul 12 semata-mata nak wish birthday i.sayang korangg macam sayangg malaysia laa !huhu.i was just celeberated with my family at ASIAN TASTE,ttdi jaya.makan-makan .semua menu ayam !wahhh.just till here,hope to see soon !

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