as little the three word =)

dear sixdinamic family !i got to miss you like crazy you know !every second,you were in my mind,your jokes play around my brain and your face be imagined through my glad i am if got to see you one day and if my hopes will come true and i wish to say this three words to you "i miss you ".to mokhsein,hazirah,ayu,atikah,najhan..tengs for following my blog.ouhyyaa.for the other star,izzah,syira,amar,adam,anie,asnidar,maizatul,shahir,shahmie..i want to meet you guyysssss !!i want to visit our primary castle SKB.and i would like to meet teacher roslan mokhtar guys accompany me kayy.auchhh !its forgotten ,!im sure he will be mad with this careless.hee.okay2.let say about my beloved chatter ever=)mr amir hishamuddin,tengs to accompany me while im bored,listen my storryy,and willing to text me all the sure izzah will get jelaousy to hear this because i ddnt text her like i did to amir usuallly.hehe,but dear matter what you always be in my heart forever and always.furthermore you got ekhem2 right,so at least im not to worry about you too muchh.he can take care of you isydd?haa.dahh.dont be mad kayy.,smile =)hm..haishhh.back to the storryy just now,i just want to tell you that dont get me wrong kayy.i just have a good freindship with him since we are primary and not a loving relationship hehh,haha.he is one of my bestfreind in this world.but unfortunately,i dont have his picture laa.but once i got his picture i will upload not make a promise but i will.anywayy guyss.i will be in KL once you invite me for your openhousieeee okayy ?i think my fingers tired enough buddiiieesss !


  1. mila! MISS U TOO.. ;)

    AMIR? ehem2..hahaha *jkjk..

  2. ha,! start gossip lahh nie.
    tak mohh laa,tak best .
    hehe >33