best award co-curiculum 2010 =)

hello readers !today just want to share with you about my co-curiculum award for the year 2010 =)what unbelievable is me .ahaxxx,i got one of the award which is the best student for kelab unit bimbingan dan kaunseling.haa.but i still glad however.anywayy muke kat sini memang fail lahh,haha.last2 minite,so..korang faham jewlahh.tengss to the all involvement person.well,tadi semua penerima anugerah dapat certificate and are some pictures taken by wong jien.take a loookk =)

the crazy =S

mila and mirul =)

cheeseee !

the smiley is credit to raja firdaus =)

ehh,this not the end laa.nak ceritaa pasall tokoh ko-kurikulum hari nie.first2 dah agak sangat yang mirul mmg menang pun and after baca biografi "beliau",cikgu announce tokoh ko-kurikulum for the year 2010 goes to AMIRUL ROSLE AMIN ! so.. im proud of you bro .kalau mummy ada pun,im sure she will be proud of you too.ekhem !after dorangg spm nie ada orang nak belanja mila 3 set pizza hut ,haahh.i cant wait for the momment.faham2 jewlahh ye cik mirul .anywayy,for the last word,CONGRATULATIONS !

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