the sweet of LITTLE MILA =)

hye.hye ! why i put off the title with 'little mila' is because i want to show you a few of my picture while i am still 'kanak-kanak ribena' >33.haha ,!saje-saje je .take a lookk beyb !

shhh,dont make noisyy please.i need my cuttie sleep !

im on the left side.chubbyy kann ?hee !.on the right is my anak buah.

yeww !nie mila laaa =)

uppss !

mila and my beloved dad =)

rasa macam tak percaya je masa nie semua dah berlalu and now i am sixteen,
dah besar dah punn.haa,how i misss this time !can i turn back to this sweet momment ?


  1. hahah..
    comel giler mila time kecik..
    memang ade rupe mila lah...