birthday girl !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLINGG ! heyy ,this is my lil sis ,abby aliah maisarah : ) ,she's 7 years old .she's crazy of pink stuff ,just look at her dress and shirt ,all in pink ! kalau boleh ,baju sekolah pun nak pink jugak ! ahaxx ,same goes to me ,like ss ,like lil ss laa !HAHA : )she's our beloved ,paling manja dalam family kitorangg .yelahh anak last kan .grrr.jelous,jelous, 8 january 2011 is her birthday.p/s :may god bless you ,study hard okayhh .haaa ! remember .we all love you !! nak pergi celebrate nie ,kat mane ye ? surprise untuk abby ! just wait okay sayangg .HUGG and KISS for you :P bye !
from your lovely ss ,kak ngah .

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