its my classmates : )

hello readers ! brought to you this new update about my class this year .5 SCIENCE 3 .i fallen in love with my class this year ,so happening at all .semua macam bersatu padu ! haha ,ayat SPM .huhu .last friday we all stay back and paint the class .warna hijau-hijau white .unic kan ? tapi ada half lagi tak habis kod .tak sempat sebab masa dah time.hee !gadis-gadis semua balut meja dengan wrapping paper yang very nice ! tengok lah sape yang pilih .bak kata umie ."bahagianya kelas korang" ! haha : )about study ? hmm .so far okay and so exiting .oh ya ,mila dah attend interview dengan cikgu faisal .fuhh .nervous !! but then ,mmg enjoy time cikgu faisal,thank you so much for giving me chance to be a prefect .next week dapat tag percubaan .wahhh .i can't imagine that .its really a big change in my life .from librarian to school prefect ,not much difference but still have own challenge .haha :D well ,i 'll try to put my best on duty .haaa ! nie semua classmate i yang happening tu ! actually nie gambar last year .tapi kitorang semua satu kelas lagi cuma ada 3 orang yang move keluar and 4 orang yang masuk .but still love it =) cheseeeeeee :D

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