special edition :P

Bila tension ?firstly , M.A.K.A.N.M.A.K.A.N lahhh !
(see ,i was not in good mood kan?)
after that? just scream like this ___ ;-)

tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!

Why ? hmm ,Totally tension .because of evrything ! you alls can see how red my face was bilaaa stress mcm nie kan ,naa~ you alls baca pun tension kan ? Err ,i do release my tension here : )Tengss for sharing your stress too .Hee : )no need to worry about me ,jangan lah pulak takut nak tegur ? Huu .im just okay ,but actually not .HAHA .still trying to act professionally ,not emotionally .Hope so .huhh ,Lalala ,okayy buddies .got to go !Goodbye :P

birthday man : )

P/s:make a wish first ,then blow the candles kayy.
hehe .may god bless you .don't worry if you
were getting old after this special date .
its a fact !!!
because ,you are you .ahaaaa ,so !
wishing you all the best ,may you be a perfect dad to

Birthday man : Cikgu Wan Fadli : )

my jantung hati : )

hye !how was you guys feel ? cool ?smart ? hee .i hope you are one of that ! just to share something here.tell you what ? i L.O.V.E kids so very muchh ! kids nie special kan ? boleh buat kita gelakkk saje .hmm ,btw .pitcha budak cute kat bawah nie actually anak angkat mama ,and she is my pet sis ! comel kan ? tipu sape kata dia tak comel ! mila marah tau : ) hehe ,nama dia NURIN IRDINA .nice name kan ? act ,dia ada 3 siblings .kakak dia NURIN SYAKIRA,and handsome boy NUAEEM IRFAN .mila close dgn dorang nihh .dorangg cute gilaaa tawu takk .pic abg dia mila pernah letak kat blog post sebelum nie .tapi kakak dia belum lagi ,nanti-nanti lahh .hehe .so ,the conclusion is .NURIN IRDINA is my jantung hati forever : ) heee !
pelik tgk webcame !
i love this ,so cute !
nie muka dia bila rimas kene kiss
dengan my family members ,HAHA : )

alalala ,so sweet syg !

for the first time ....

for the first time..i feel that you're really neglecting me .
for the first time..i feel that you're hurting me.
for the first time..i feel like i hate this freindship.
for the first time..i feel like you're just ignoring me.
no matter how many 'for the first time i wrote.it just the same,it isn't change.im just too hoping that our freindship will blooming like ussual .but i guess,im wrong .it was just my hope.only me.im sorry if i can't be the one who always with you but i want you to know ,that no matter who you are..i always be by your side even we were far apart.i miss you .YES ,i miss you .ohhh no ,im lying ! i don't miss you babe but i really really really love you as my super bestfreind ever and this time ,i don't lie .i said that you were neglecting me because..i said that you were hurting me because..i said i hate this freindship because..i said that you were ignoring me because..i can't go for the answer ! because...the answer is with you .so ! please give me the answer .again ,don't get me wrong with this post .i just want you to realise that our freindship is nearly broken,darling.so lets do something ?just do it for the last time please.....................?
P/s: if you know who you are ,just meet me whenever you free .you're always be welcome.

sincerely ,SYARMILA ATIKA ..( the sad girl )