special edition :P

Bila tension ?firstly , M.A.K.A.N.M.A.K.A.N lahhh !
(see ,i was not in good mood kan?)
after that? just scream like this ___ ;-)

tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!tension ,tension ,tension !!!!!

Why ? hmm ,Totally tension .because of evrything ! you alls can see how red my face was bilaaa stress mcm nie kan ,naa~ you alls baca pun tension kan ? Err ,i do release my tension here : )Tengss for sharing your stress too .Hee : )no need to worry about me ,jangan lah pulak takut nak tegur ? Huu .im just okay ,but actually not .HAHA .still trying to act professionally ,not emotionally .Hope so .huhh ,Lalala ,okayy buddies .got to go !Goodbye :P


  1. pika : ) Hahaha ,yeahh ,nasib baik ada geng nak share stresss .Errrrr :P

    Ekin ? tak lahh ? yeke niee kin ? entah2..kat rumahh menangis dalam bilik sebab tension ? haha ,aku ngan pika at least mengaku ! Hahahahah : )