Word of million meanings...

Hye all !!kinda so long i ddnt update my blog ,okayh i'll do it now .On 27 June 2011 ,i celebrated my birthday for 17 years old .upsss .idid not seem too old .Just a sweet age . Ahakss .Then ,thank you so muchh to all my family members,freinds and others .i did not expect to have a memorable birthday this year .To Cikgu Fadli ,i sent you a huge THANK YOU : ) So.Thank you again to my Super Super Super BFF !! credit to : ) 6 Dynamic 's family,Siti Hanna,Putri Azrieana,Hazwani Faiqah,Tikah Akmal,and the others ! sorry for did not mention your name here :D but does not mean ,you have been forgotten .Just like i feel so so so appriciated by evryone .Tengs Budddieesss .To my classmates ,Tengs for the "senduk" .What a nice gift i ever had beb .Hahahahaahahahaha . i Hate you Ekin ! Err . Lol : P .and this is the best birthday for me .I will miss all the momments !thanks to all who have given gifts .theres no words can describe my feelings..But only a little word of million meanings..which is : THANK YOU,LOVE !!!!!

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