From buddy to buddy :D

Hello my sweet readers :D okay ,today im gonna to tell you about my lovely freind,Siti Hanna.For three days ago,she asked me to list her kindness and her badness.But what confusing me is ,she asked me to list 5 kindness and 10 badness . Haha .Why the badness is more than kindness ? Then ,i began to think. So ,Yeah !i got the answer.She will be proud of me .(err perasan) heee . Okay ,so i decided to list everything here.If you read this blogpost,just smile and don't get mad with me.coss kite kan kawan :D Haha

Your kindness: )
  • understanding
  • freindly
  • willing to assist me in trouble
  • never look down on others
  • low profile
  • not easily give up
  • responsible
  • respectful
  • love to smile
  • good attitudes

Your badness : )

  • irritable
  • easily cry done this part ! what ? why i listed 10 kindness and 2 badness here ? Alright. let me tell you,the momment that i wrote your kindness,my hand cant stop typing all the words .But when i wrote your badness,my hand asked me to stop and honestly i dont see any badness in yourself.I admit it .(tolong jangan over perasan ye) haha.We already freinds for five years and i think it is a long time to know each me ,you are my bestfreind in the world tauu. i hope this friendship will never end.And our mission to be a hot teacher be achieved :D

-from MILA with love-


  1. ouh , haha .kau rasa ,kau ada ke kat sini ? haha . dah tu tanya lagi kenapa ? wahh ,mila jahat gilaa. haha :D