Outing :D

Hello everybody !! I hope you were in pink of health :D Okay , today I want to share a few things only ..Hmphh,Last night..My family and I went for a dinner to celebrate Abah's birthday and after that we went to I-City to get some peace in mind . Traffic Jammed like ussual ,Luckly Farhana was texting me : ) At least , my Traffic Jammed moment was not going too bad ! Then about 1 hour trapped in the jammed ,Finally .. i saw a wonderful place ! Although this was not our first time ,but for this time..i saw a lot of changes there and im sure you guys knew right ?(GRSHHH,looks like im kind of behind the times) HAHA :D Anyway ,here are some pictures of me and lovely person. Hope you like it :P

My Exited Face ,Lol :D

My baby ( Lupa guna flash,)Haha :D
(Mila and sister)
My queen of heart ,MAMA :D

My twin,ADIK :D

Just wanna end this post with = HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABAH ,WE LOVE YOU :D

A small thing to remember :D

hye semua . lama cik princess tak post ,so post kali ini ..cik princess nak share something . pagi2 dapat call dari putri aisya (budak kecik yang comel) ,dia tanya ada kat rumah ke tidak .. then terus dtg rumah and give this to me . she said from universal studio singapore,awww . pergi singapore senyap-senyap ye ! hehe . nasib baik ada present untuk cik princess ye ? much thanks to putri ,cantik sangat . i love it :D

Come back : )

Hye Semua ! Im back finally : ) Rindukan anda semua tau ! Okay first nak story pasal SPM week ,haha . mmg tahap nervous meningkat sangat lah kan? heee . Exam Bm,Bi,Sej,Ag,Math,Addmath,Chemistry,Physics,Biology..done ! but so much fun for the last day , what we said ? Freedom ! haha . macam nak shake satu bangunan tu tau . Err . then tangkap gambar dengan friends ,buat graduation day sendiri ! funny lah .you wanna see the pictures ? okay with pleasure : ))
Ahmad captured ,sangat tak bagus ! HAHA.
Buat blazer mcm graduation cap ! hahaha : P
(Tanda lepaskan jawatan sebagai seorang student)

Kami !

Peace from me !
I will miss all this momment ! no words can say but .......I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!