Outing :D

Hello everybody !! I hope you were in pink of health :D Okay , today I want to share a few things only ..Hmphh,Last night..My family and I went for a dinner to celebrate Abah's birthday and after that we went to I-City to get some peace in mind . Traffic Jammed like ussual ,Luckly Farhana was texting me : ) At least , my Traffic Jammed moment was not going too bad ! Then about 1 hour trapped in the jammed ,Finally .. i saw a wonderful place ! Although this was not our first time ,but for this time..i saw a lot of changes there and im sure you guys knew right ?(GRSHHH,looks like im kind of behind the times) HAHA :D Anyway ,here are some pictures of me and lovely person. Hope you like it :P

My Exited Face ,Lol :D

My baby ( Lupa guna flash,)Haha :D
(Mila and sister)
My queen of heart ,MAMA :D

My twin,ADIK :D

Just wanna end this post with = HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABAH ,WE LOVE YOU :D


  1. Muka hafiz hampir sama macam kak mila :D

  2. Haha ,yeah . ramai yang cakap mcm tu :D

  3. iqin : haha ,yup .seronok sangat . tapi tak sempat masuk snow walk pun ,sangat padat lah ! jom pergi sama sama ? heee .

    Fathin Nadhira: Huhu ,Awak pun comel <3